Gaia’s Red Nose Day 2017

Red_Nose_Day, Comic_Relief, Gaia. Underfloor_heating, wax, red nose dayLast Friday, on the 24th March, Gaia held its very own Red Nose Day in the Suffolk head office, raising over £300 for the Comic Relief charity. It was a day filled with competitions, sponsored events, and plenty of food, most of which was prepared by our very own staff and family members.

Sales Account Manager Rikki Pearson, bravely stepped up to have his chest waxed in front of his fellow colleagues, helping to raise over £200 for the cause and providing some humour for the office staff who reveled in his pain. Special thanks much be given to The Beauty Spot who came in and carried out the waxing, free of charge, to help ensure all the money raised went to the comic relief charity.

The sweepstake that went around the office, supplied by the Red Nose Day fundraising pack, compounded the competitive nature within the staff, as all members tried to figure out ‘how long does it take a comedian to screw in a lightbulb?’ A variety of answers were received, ranging from
an optimistic 6 seconds to a more pessimistic 30 minutes! When the video was finally released by the charity website at 3pm, it proved that it actually only takes 3 minutes and 9 seconds, much to the disappointment of most members of staff, except one who walked away with the luxurious prize of an Easter Egg.

At the end of the day, a total of what was raised was taken, and it was to the delight of all staff members that we had managed to smash our previous best for total amount raised on a single day for a charity, as we collected a total of: £332.93!

If you would like to help even more, you can continue to donate through the Comic Relief page.