Can underfloor heating replace radiators?

Using underfloor heating instead of radiators is possible, depending on the heat loss of the property, radiators can be removed completely from a refurbishment project and underfloor heating can replace them.

Convection heating with radiators moves dust particles and pollen around the home. Replacing radiators with underfloor heating improves the air quality and overall energy efficiency, as underfloor systems emit radiant heat distributing an even warmth to the room.

If your project is a new build or refurb, then modernising your heating system at this time has many benefits. The space-saving advantage of underfloor heating will give you more freedom to design your room layout with no effect on the heating quality, and you’ll never feel any cold spots. With either electric or wet underfloor heating, maintenance is zero, the only thing left to do is set the perfect temperature for every room.

Underfloor heating systems will last as long as the flooring above, whether it’s a tiled floor, laminate wooden flooring or carpet. It’s that touch of luxury that’s hidden below, giving a comfortable environment within any property.

Here at Gaia we’re a company with over 30 years experience offering total underfloor heating systems in commercial and residential properties across the UK and Ireland.  We specialise in the design, supply and installation of both wet and electric systems as well as frost protection, ice and snow melting . Offering a wide range of underfloor heating solutions, our teams can advise and design the most suitable system for you, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment project; providing a professional service from initial project stage through to project completion.   We cover all projects from self build, residential and commercial new builds, multiple apartment buildings, care and educational facilities.

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