• Tiling
  • Plaster and synthetic render systems
  • Underfloor heating insulation
  • Wetroom and spa environments
  • Basements and loft conversions
  • Conservatory Ceilings

Gaia Thermal Construction Board also known as Thermal Tilebacker Boards are manufactured from high density extruded polystyrene with a specifically formulated reinforced cementitious surface coating. The insulating property of the extruded polystyrene provides excellent insulation and is CFC, HCFC and HFC free. The tough surface coating provides the perfect surface for the application of tiles and plaster.

Insulation can help reduce the running costs of your floor heating system. These insulation boards have a cementitious layer on both sides, enabling the boards to be laid, followed by the floor heating and tile adhesive. Gaia Thermal Construction Boards are suitable for use in a wide range of internal and external applications. Gaia Thermal Construction Boards are designed to be user friendly.

They are thermally insulating, waterproof and lightweight. They can be easily cut, shaped and installed using conventional hand tools.

*We also offer the following alternative insulation for certain projects: Celotex, Kingspan, Expanded Polystyrene, Etherfoam

Technical Specification

Compressive Strength (10% compression): 300kpa
Thermal Conductivity to BSEN 13164 (5 years): 0.033W/Mk
Water Absorption by volume tested to BSEN 12087: 0.6%
Density (foam core only): 36Kg/m3
Temperature Range: -500C, +750C
Fire Performance: Class 0
Thickness Available: 6mm / 10mm