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We have a range of thermostats, all of which can easily be fitted to your system. Whether you require a simple dial thermostat, a touch-screen option or a system to control your entire heating system from one control point – we have all the controls to suit your individual needs.

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DEVIreg Touch

What do I do if ‘Unrecoverable Error’ appears on the DEVIreg Touch?

1. Turn the thermostat off at the mains and turn it back on again

2. If this doesn’t resolve it the back section and the front section are not connected properly. The user should remove the front section and remove the back section, move it forward then try putting the front section back on again and this should resolve it

3. Factory reset the thermostat. If you are unsure how to do this, we have provided this video which will show you easily how to do it

What do I do if ‘Floor Sensor Short Circuited’ appears on the DEVIreg Touch?

This indicates the 2 cores are touching on the floors sensor which happens if the sensor has been damaged.  To check if this is the case you can start by checking the wiring on the back of the thermostat to make sure there are no loose connections, if the connections are okay then you will need to test the resistance of the floor sensor using a multimeter and should get a reading of between 10-20kohms, if the reading is significantly lower or higher than this the floor sensor is damaged and will require replacement

Can I use DEVIreg touch with other manufacturers floor sensors?

Yes you can.  The DEVIreg Touch works with floors sensors from DEVI, Warmup, Aube, OJ,  Eberle, Ensto, Fenix, Raychem, Teplolux and many others

What does the target symbol mean in the bottom corner of my Devireg Touch?

The target (3 circles) symbol on the bottom right of you screen just indicates a point in which to press the screen if you wish to wake it up

What does the hand symbol mean on my Devireg Touch?

The hand symol in the top left corner indicates the timer function is off and the thermostat is operating in manual mode

What do the arrows going up mean on the left of the temperature screen?

These arrows indicate the thermostat is outputing power to the underfloor heating system and it is currently warming up


My DEVIlink system has come up with a warning triangle in the top-left corner, what does this mean?

This indicates there is an error in the configuration of your system.  To find out the exact error you can press “House Control” and then “Alerts”, this will then show you a list of issues with the system, if you press on an issue on the list it will then show you more detail and possible solutions

One of DEVIlink FT units is flashing red, what does this mean?

The flashing red light indicates that the unit has lost communication with the Central Controller it is paired with and will not function until this is resolved

One of DEVIlink FT units is flashing green, what does this mean?

The flashing green light indicates that the unit is not paired with a Central Controller.  Please refer to your DEVIlink manual on how to re-pair this unit

I don’t have any display on my RS unit

If your DEVIlink RS unit doesn’t show anything on the display this can mean either the batteries are drained or the unit isn’t paired/has lost communication with the Central Controller.  Please refer to the manual for your units on changing the batteries and re-pairing the unit

What do the lights indicate on the DEVIlink FT

The green light indicates that the thermostat is ‘on’ but not charging the system. This changes to red when actually charging the system

DEVIreg 550-540

How do I take the front off the DEVIreg 550 thermostat?

There is a small retaining clip in the centre slot along the top of the square cover. This should be pressed with a small screwdriver; at the same time ease the cover off. There is a diagram showing how to do this supplied within the thermostat box

Why does my DEVIreg 550 thermostat only display a 1-10 scale with DEVImat in a bathroom application?

Electrical wiring regulations do not allow thermostats to be fitted within bathrooms. So, as it is placed outside the room it cannot sense the air temperature in the bathroom. Therefore, the thermostat is linked to a floor sensor and reads out as a comfort setting between 1-10. This is not air temperature. Each number shown on the face relates to 5°c . For example, No. 6 would relate to 30°c floor temperature

Why is my DEVIreg 540 or 550 thermostat coming on in timer mode, when it is not programmed to?

There could be two reasons for this:

  • The times programmed into the thermostat are the times you wish the room to be at the temperature set. The time it takes to achieve this temperature is added to the start time to ensure the temperature is achieved for the start time set. i.e if it takes 2 hours to achieve temperature and the time set is 7am it will switch itself on at 5am
  • Another reason could be that the set back or ‘LO’ setting has been incorrectly set during configuration of the thermostat. This is the setting that directs the system to switch back on, to offer frost protection. This should be set at -25°. This means that if the temperature drops 25 degrees below the temperature shown on the face it will switch back on. So, if this was incorrectly set to read -5° and the face temperature showing 21°, as soon as the temperature dropped to 16° the system would switch back on. This becomes more of an issue when the thermostat is set to operate on floor sensors, as the readout is a comfort setting between 1-10, with each number relating to 5°. If the user were to turn the thermostat to 10 to ‘try’ and get more heat they would effectively be asking for 50° and even if the Lo setting was set at -25° the system would switch back in when the floor temperature dropped to 25° which would not take long particularly in the winter months

What does the “3 wavy lines” symbol mean on my DEVIreg 550 or 540?

This symbol indicates that the temperature is ’below set point’ or has not reached the temperature set and is currently heating

The outer ring of my DEVIreg 540/550 is flashing, why?

This is indicating there is a fault somewhere on the control system. The flashing, brings your attention to the fact there is a fault and that at the same time it shows an error code number between 2 & 7. Explanations for these codes can be found in the user guide booklet

My mat is the same temperature when the DEVIreg 550 or 540 display shows 6.0 as when the display shows 10.0?

The reason for this is that when you set up the thermostat the ‘nt’ setting is the maximum temperature the floor will reach as this is the ‘upper limit’. So even though you turn it up to 10, it will still switch off at whatever temperaure the ‘nt’ is set at. Incidentally each number relates to 5 degrees therefore 6 would equal 30°c

What are the network terminals used for on the DEVIreg 550?

The thermostats can be networked, which means that a number of them can be linked together through the wiring, with one being the master, and the rest being slaves. This allows information to be programmed into the master which is then passed to the slaves

What is the ‘LO’ setting for on my DEVIreg 550? I need a better explanation of what it does

The ‘LO’ setting is the ‘set back’ temperature. Outside the timed periods the thermostat sets back to a lower temperature, this temperature is the temperature shown on screen minus the ‘LO’ temperature, i.e. if the ‘LO’ setting is say -10 and the temperature showing on the face is 21, if the temperature drops to 11 degrees it will switch back on

How do I mount the DEVIreg 550 thermostat?

The 550 is a flush mounted thermostat so requires a 47mm deep box set in the wall

What is the DEVIreg 550 setup code?

The code is 0044 and has to be set before any setting changes can be made. This is done by pressing and holding the grey button in for approx 12 seconds until the word ‘CODE’ appears then rotate to 0044 and press, then continuing with the configurations

DEVIreg 130-530

What is the difference between the DEVIreg 130 series and the DEVIreg 530 series?

The 130 series are surfaced mounted manual thermostats
The 530 series are flush mounted manual thermostats

What do the lights indicate on the DEVIreg 130/132 and 530/532

The green light indicates that the thermostat is ‘on’ but not charging the system. This changes to red when actually charging the system

What happens if my DEVIreg 130 is clicking?

The relay inside the thermostat is faulty; this will require the thermostat to be replaced

DEVIreg 535

How do I change the programme modes on my Devireg 535?

To change the programming modes keep the • button pressed for 2 seconds. The actual program starts to flash. It is now possible to change the program by using the buttons ▲▼
Press • to accept

What are the programme modes on my Devireg 535?

Program 1:  Manual mode. The temperature is maintained constantly 24 hours all week
Program 2:  The temperature is lowered to economy temperature during the day and night period all week. P2 is a day program for e.g. working days where the temperature is decreased during the middle of the day and at night. In the morning and evening comfort temperature is preferred
Program 3:  The temperature is lowered to economy temperature during the night period all week.  P3 is a program for days at home where comfort temperature is preferred during the day and a savings temperature at night
Program 4:  This is a week program where Mon – Fri is Program 2 and Sat – Sun is Program 3
P4 is a week program with Monday-Friday as workdays and Saturday-Sunday as days off. The top 7 bars indicate Monday through Sunday. On week days timer program 2 is used and in weekends timer program 3

What do the lights indicate on the DEVIreg 535?

The green light on solid  indicates that the thermostat is ‘on’ but not charging the system. This changes to red when actually charging the system (heating the floor).  If the green light is flashing this indidates a problem with the floors sensor and if the light flashes green and red it means the floor temperature limit prevents the set point room temperature from being reached

How do I remove the cover to get to the installation button on my Devireg 535?

Remove the front cover by gently pressing the release tab under the thermostat, then remove the frame

I have an error code coming up on my Devireg 535, what does it mean?

The Devireg 535 will display the different error codes depending on the problem, here’s what they mean:
E4 means the thermostat has overheated and has switched off.  Let the thermostat cool for a period. Then switch the thermostat off and on. If the error persists contact your electrician
E5 means the floor sensor has short circuited.  Please ask an electrician to check the connections on the back of the thermostat, if they are all connected properly then please check the resistance of the floor sensor
E6 means the floor sensor is disconnected or is not giving a reading.  Please ask an electrician to check the connections on back of the thermostat, if they are all connected properly then please check the resistance of the floor sensor

DEVIreg 700

What do the lights indicate on the DEVIreg 710, DEVIreg 750 and DEVIreg 754 thermostats?

  • The 710 is an anticipatory controller and has two lights, the one on the left by the ‘limit’ button is green when not heating and turns to red when charging. The one in the top right corner is red and will flash indicating that the floor has taken a charge on the ‘off peak’
  • The 750 is another anticipatory controller that has two lights, one by the E6 button that shows green when not heating and changes to red when charging
  • The 754 is the multi-zone slave unit with a light for each zone situated to the left of the E6 control, this will be green when not heating and red when charging. The red light by the moon symbol indicates that an overnight charge has been taken and will remain on for 11 hours after the start of the charge period