Underfloor Heating CPD

Underfloor Heating CPD, training professionals on how to specify and install underfloor heating systems is an essential part of the service we provide.

We offer a variety of CPD material on Electric and Wet underfloor heating, and Frost Protection systems. The seminar is designed to improve your professional knowledge and skills. It’s a platform for us to share our expertise on each heating system.

All across the UK and Ireland we are fitting new developments and renovations with Underfloor Heating.

The initial decision to specify underfloor heating is often made by a registered architect or specifier. Therefore equipping them with additional knowledge via a CPD module on Underfloor Heating and Frost Protection systems allows us to ensure the correct decisions are made during the planning and initial stages of a development.

Our CPD session covers the following:

  • Structure – Floors, floor finishes and insulation
  • Space heating
  • Design of systems, construction and technology

This seminar will provide attendees with a detailed history of underfloor heating and an overview of the innovation and advances in the market enabling attendees to:- Understand the benefits of underfloor heating, the benefits of underfloor heating over traditional radiator systems, energy efficiencies and environment benefits.

Our seminars are all held virtually and last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. We can set up Zoom, Teams or Skype; whichever is your preference we’ll work with you and your team.