Frost Protection

Guaranteed protection this winter

Gaia offer a wide range of frost protection and ice and snow melting systems for your project. From providing safe walking areas and driving during winter times through to protecting buildings and pipes from frost damage – Gaia has the solution. If you want to install a system with the peace of mind that it will last through harsh winter conditions, our frost protection systems are fit for the job.

Our frost protection and snow melting systems are used throughout the world regularly protecting to temperatures of -30 deg Celsius.

The comprehensive range of DEVIreg controllers monitor the outdoor temperature and ensure the system is operating to optimum efficiency and performance.

Advantages of our products:

  • Safe driving areas
  • Safe working areas
  • Safe walking areas
  • Safety all around the clock – automatically
  • Saves time and energy in clearing snow and ice
  • Protects the environment from salt and chemicals
  • Protects concrete from the damaging effect of salt

frost protection system

Ice and Snow Melting in Roof and Gutters

Gaia Frost Protection Driveway

Ice and Snow Melting on Traffic Areas

DEVI Pipe Frost Protection

Frost Protection for Internal and External Pipes