Ice and Snow Melting in Roof and Gutters

Advantages of Our Product

  • Roof, gutters and downpipes are kept free of ice and snow
  • Melt water is drained
  • No dangerous ice or snow formations on roof constructions
  • No risk of icecicles
  • Less damage to constructions
  • No cost for roof repairs

Long icicles, frost erosions, heavy dunes of snow…

Older buildings are obvious victims of ice and snow capable of destroying fronts, roofs, drainpipes, and roof gutters. Old roofs are often poorly insulated or based on insufficient constructions, and these aspects enable water to enter the building. When the winter frost sets in, damages are inevitable. Unlike older buildings, industrial buildings with flat roofs often give in to the significant load of water, ice, and snow.

DEVI provides a high-tech heating solution to efficiently fight ice and snow

A DEVI ice and snow melting system for roofs consists of a heating cable, an electronic thermostat and installation accessories. DEVI’s ice and snow melting system for roofs can be installed in virtually any type of roof construction for private, business and institutional customers. The wide range of DEVI products provide the possibility to apply the system on metal, bitumen, gravelled or tile roofs. Depending on the problem, the DEVI system can be applied on the roof edge, drain pipes, roof gutters and valleys.

Sound investment

An ice and snow melting system from DEVI is an investment in comfort and safety, making concerns about sudden building damages and driver and pedestrian safety unnecessary. In addition, the heating system is a financially sound investment as roofs, drainpipes, and roof gutters are always expensive to renovate after a harsh winter. As the costs of an ice and snow melting system correspond more or less to the renovation expenses of one winter season, a fast return on investment is guaranteed.

Product choice

The choice of cable, thermostat and sensor depends to some extent on the size, type and construction of the roof and to the requirements of the installation. We recommend DEVIflex DTCE-20/30 heating cables. The effect installed should be determined according to local weather conditions.

When it comes to thermostats, we recommend DEVIreg 316 with an outdoor sensor for minor roof and gutter systems where as larger roof and gutter systems a DEVIreg 850, which consists of a combinded moisture and temperature sensor, should be used.

The sensor types used for roofs and roof gutters are outdoor temperature sensors, moisture sensors for roof gutters and wire sensors, all depending on the type of installation.

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