Renewable Solutions

Capture natural energy and see the benefits.

The Solar Energy Route

The earth naturally absorbs the heat from the sun providing us with an abundant source of renewable environmentally friendly energy. This power can be converted to heat a home and can save 50% or more on energy costs. Solar energy is naturally stored in the bedrock under the ground, ground water and in the air and is constantly replenished by the heat of the sun. With gas and oil prices unstable and rising, more and more of us are looking for cost effective alternatives.

Considered Heat Pumps?

Danfoss provides a range of different heat pumps and principles in order to capture that energy and generate heat and hot water, two thirds of which is completely free. Heat pumps can improve your overall economy whilst reducing running costs, maximise operational reliability and increase comfort levels.

As well as this, Heat Pumps also greatly benefit the environment. A heat pump does not emit any CO2 emissions! However it is not a 100% renewable energy source because the compressor consumes electricity. This means some power stations may emit CO2 Heating and cooling for buildings.

Heat pumps can provide all the heat and hot water you need throughout the year. They can also be used to keep you cool in summer. Unlike most other forms of heating equipment, heat pumps don’t require much space, are not messy and need no maintenance or fuel. Heat pumps are a highly efficient way of producing hot water. For each unit of energy used to extract the heat from the sun you get at least three back in return.