Underfloor Heating Solutions

Gaia Underfloor Heating. The perfect solution to a warmer home.

Endless Interior Design Opportunities

Gaia underfloor heating systems are invisible. By being hidden under the floor it gives exciting new possibilities for furnishing and interior design, meaning the problem of space consuming and unattractive radiators no longer has to be considered

Market Leading Warranties

Our systems are designed to last as long as the building in which they are installed – and that is without having to maintain them! This is why we provide you with a 20 year warranty on all cables and mats, a 5 year warranty on our Devireg Touch Thermostats and 2 years warranty on all other products.  Our new Gaia Electric system carries a 12 year warranty giving you peace of mind in the quality of our products.

Capital Cost Savings

Underfloor heating offers major capital cost savings when compared with more traditional systems. Gaia systems are ‘fit and forget,’ there’s no need for expensive maintenance contracts, that are likely to be required with traditional systems

Eco-Friendly Living

Unlike radiators, our systems require much lower temperatures to heat a room due to the vast area they cover, meaning the heat is spread more effectively and the effect is comfort throughout the property. As well as this – for our electric systems, there is no need for gas or flues which removes the need to channel emissions out of the building. This greatly simplifies the design process and provides a safe, clean and 100% efficient environment

Gaia Underfloor Heating Project Pan Peninsular

Underfloor Heating for New Build

DEVI Electric Mat Install

Underfloor Heating for Refurbishments