Underfloor Heating for Refurbishments

Enjoy warm floors all year round.

For those projects where the floor already exists and floor height is critical, the Gaia Mat or Gaia Dry system is an ideal solution.  We also offer the DEVImat underfloor heating system as an option.

Comfortable warm floor surfaces

The DEVImat warm floor system consists of a self adhesive mesh, with an ultra thin heating cable pre-attached. The system is controlled by DEVIreg thermostat and available in various sizes. It’s simple and quick to install and there’s no need for complex calculations or complicated marking-out.

The DEVImat is only 3.5mm thick. It can therefore easily be fitted directly on to your existing floor whether it is concrete, timber or even an old tiled or terrazzo surface without needing to cut up the existing floor construction. The DEVImat is installed within the thickness of the adhesives and therefore adds no significant height to the floor level. Consequently, there should be no need to reduce door heights, raise skirting boards etc.

Anyone can install Gaia floor heating by simply following the straight forward installation instructions.

Please note, that the connection must always be carried out by an qualified electrician and installations must be made according to electrical wiring regulations.