We’re here to help you find the right wet and electric underfloor heating systems or frost protection system for your project whether it’s residential or commercial.

We can design, supply and install the most suitable wet and electric underfloor heating systems for you regardless of the complexities you may face on your project. Or should you have your own contractors we also offer supply only. Whatever suits you.

Energy efficient underfloor heating systems installed in the home or commercial property not only saves space but looks after the environment to. Enjoy the warmth underfoot and free up valuable wall space without the need for radiators is one of the main benefits to any of our systems.

Underfloor heating heats the entire room from the floor upwards, through strong flexible pipes embedded in the floor or electric cables and mats on top of the subfloor. The best solution for your project will depend on many factors, including the property type, insulation, current heating system if applicable and energy source.

The floor will become one large heat emitter, invisible to the eye, warming the floor from the ground up.

Here at Gaia we’re a company with over 30 years experience offering total underfloor heating systems in commercial and residential properties across the UK and Ireland.  We specialise in the design, supply and installation of both wet and electric systems as well as frost protection, ice and snow melting . Offering a wide range of underfloor heating solutions, our teams can advise and design the most suitable system for you, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment project; providing a professional service from initial project stage through to project completion.   We cover all projects from self build, residential and commercial new builds, multiple apartment buildings, care and educational facilities.

We’ve build up lasting relationships with customers who we continue to serve and celebrate in the success of the projects we deliver for them.

Browse through the options for more information on the systems available, and if you require further assistance our team of account managers are here to help, please call 01359 242 400 or complete our contact form.

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