Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating systems is underfloor heating that heats a room from the bottom up through a series of pipes. As the heat is more evenly distributed with underfloor heating compared to radiators, the water can be set at a lower temperature; this makes it a more efficient way to heat your home.

With a wet underfloor heating system, a series of pipes connected to your boiler circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space, similar to radiators.  Alternatively, you can connect the underfloor water pipes to a solar hydronic heating system, air-source or ground-source heat pump. The pipes will be connected to your heat source using a manifold (essentially a central system allowing all the pipes to work together). The bigger the system, the more pipes it will have and the more complex the manifold will be. The system will also be fitted to a thermostat (or thermostats, if you’re having more than one zone) so that you can regulate the temperature.

We have various systems for you to choose from depending on your projects needs. We offer the full Gaia system which fits perfectly into screed, aluminium plates or grooved overlay; and we also systems from top brands Polypipe, Emmeti, Omnie and Myson. As a result, whatever your project requirements, we have a system to suit your needs.

More details on each specific system below. But don’t worry if you’re unsure which system is suitable for your project, our team will be able to advise.

Wet Screed System



Aluminium Plates system

Aluminium Plates